Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Never Have To work Again

This one has been floating around in my little brain for a couple of weeks. A number of thoughts and/or events, lately, have necessitated the inevitable. This particular post may be the most difficult idea I've yet to address. But, money is a little tight right and now and this goofy exercise really is cheaper than therapy.

The genesis of this topic goes back nearly five years. In December of 2010, I woke up on the morning after completing the White Rock Marathon and I could not move my body at all. There was a soreness that is impossible to describe. Work was out of the question as was the thought of getting out of bed.

I knew a former high school classmate in Flower Mound who owned a medical massage clinic. On a whim, I gave her a call and she offered to get me back on my feet if I thought I could get into her office.

The Flower Mound Miracle Worker (as I now refer to her) did indeed back up her claims and after a brief massage and some of that voodoo kinesio tape, I was back upright and well on my way to recovery.

During the session, the Miracle Worker, whom I had not seen in years, told me her story about getting into that line of work. Then she said, "Once I found my passion, I've never had to work again."

What? Never had to work again? I've had to work every stinking day of my life! This seemed a little unfair.

Yesterday, I was driving down I35, thinking about the Miracle Worker, and the sentiment she expressed that day. I was wrestling with the idea of writing a post about it. But I was fairly certain that I'm not  quite ready to be THAT transparent. Then the "blow hard" Talk Radio Host said in that same instant, "Well, you know what they say. Once you find your passion, you never have to work again."

Are you kidding me? Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not!

I know that during the past few weeks, I've found myself reflecting on the decision of a year ago, to NOT pursue my passion.  Consequently, for the past year, I've continued to work every day, just as I have since getting out of college. Work! Drudgery! No passion! Only burden. My only relief comes when, in meditation, my little Tibetan Monk reminds me of "shared human experience." And I hope, that many of you have to go to work everyday, too!

Intellectually, I know why I backed out of that preaching gig and I am still fairly certain, that it was the right decision at that particular time. But that doesn't always squelch the chorus of "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" that take over my thinking mind on almost a daily basis.

One of my spiritual advisers, the Eyetalian, explained to me that many folks do have a fear of success! I find that notion offensive and I nearly smacked the smirk off his face! Who knows? He could be right. Trust me. there is no need to ask him if he thinks he is right.

Maybe Fear of Success will be a post in the near future.....

Meanwhile, I need to get back to WORK!