Monday, June 8, 2015

Could Someone Please Define Authentic?

I deactivated Facebook........AGAIN! Consequently, no one will read this. I suppose that's good. Because this post will meet with GREAT opposition. Once again, I am in the minority. I am just an "out of touch," narrow-minded, bigoted, homophobe, who tends to be a little judgmental.

The hashtag #authenticself makes me want to vomit! Period. End of sentence.

The same rant applies to #authenticself that applied to #liveyourtruth. Am I the only one on the planet that sees this? If we allow truth creation, instead of truth discovery, then NOTHING, I mean NOTHING matters! And if NOTHING matters, then who are we to judge?

No one wants to celebrate Joseph Stalin, who by most estimates, is responsible for the death of 20 MILLION people! Should he not be celebrated for being his #authenticself?

We seldom hear of a baby being named Adolph. But I would suggest that Adolph Hitler was doing nothing more than "living his truth" and being his #authenticself when he sought to wipe the Jews off the face of the Earth. His goal took a tremendous amount of courage. Should Hitler not be considered posthumously for the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage?

And speaking of courage! In my mind, those boys that decided to fly those airplanes into those Towers and into the Pentagon exhibited a level of courage I will NEVER have! And if anyone ever "lived out their truth" and acted on the convictions of their #authenticself, those boys did!

I truly anticipate that #authenticself will soon be heard as a defense in our Court system. Eventually, some Priest who has diddled countless numbers of altar boys will simply state that he had to be "true to himself" and live out his #authenticself.

Some child molester will argue convincingly that he was born with the desire to have sex with 4 year old little girls and he felt it necessary to be his #authenticself.

We live in a society that really doesn't ask us to just "accept" people. It requires us to place them on a pedestal. To worship them! To adore them! To bestow honors upon them!

And society calls me a hypocrite? No, indeed society is the hypocrite. Because it does NOT celebrate, worship, and adore EVERYONE (the Stalins, the Hitlers, the Terrorists, the Predators) that are doing nothing more than being their #authenticselves!

Monday, June 1, 2015

I'm Just Not That Unique....Neither Are You

It has certainly been awhile since I was moved to jot some things down and blast them into cyber space. I could list any number of reasons, which would read a whole lot like excuses, and end up looking very similar to lazy. My old man took the opportunity to remind me I was lazy the other day. Bless his heart.

My little monk continues to challenge me almost daily during my morning meditation. And he keeps coming back to a theme which I cannot get out of mind. In fact, the idea for this post has been simmering for a number of weeks. I don't like it. I'm not comfortable in addressing it. Indeed, the whole idea kind of *isses me off.

But, no matter what the topic, no matter what he's addressing, time and time again, my little monk keeps reiterating the theme of "Shared Human Experience." Be it anxiety, stress, happiness, anger, contentment, frustration, joy, or irritability......just fill in the blank. This dude always seems to frame at least one session around the idea of shared human experience. Indeed, the fact, that at this very moment, hundreds of millions of people on the planet are experiencing the exact same thoughts and emotions.

Supposedly, this is some how supposed to make me feel better! He opines, that if I can just observe where I am, at this very instant, and understand that I am NOT unique in that place, that the power this thought is wielding over me will be at least halved in its intensity.

I have a very difficult time applying Shared Human Experience to me. I have an extraordinarily EASY time applying it to you.

With any example I give, my inbox is certain to fill with your complaints and questions as to why I am singling you out. You will think that I'm speaking directly to you, because, apparently, you are THAT self-centered.

This list can go on ad infinitum. But here goes: You are not the first parent on the planet to have a kid eating dope. You are not the first person to ever get divorced.  Lost parents.  Lost children. Jobs lost. Houses foreclosed on. Parents in failing health. Children with horrible diseases. Murders. Car wrecks. Suicides. Addictions.

Even making the list seems a little stupid. But I do know this and I know it as plain as the nose on my face. Whether, I have experienced one, or all of the above, when I am in the middle of it, I know of a certainty that NO ONE ON THE PLANET UNDERSTANDS WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH OR HAS THOUGHT THE THINGS I AM THINKING RIGHT NOW!.

That LIE, that I've told myself thousands of times, has rendered me useless and caused me to squander thousands of hours of my life away, that I could have been doing something useful for someone else.

Daily, I try to stay very aware and employ several tools against the disease of Terminal Uniqueness. It usually involves me knowing two things for sure: 1) It is terminal 2) I'm not unique.

My hope is that you will join me as we can benefit from our Shared Human Experience.