Monday, October 6, 2014


I'm not sure what you called it when you were kids. We called it "rolling." Anytime the Horizontal Hold was amok, the TV would roll. It was maddening. And it took a very steady hand to turn the Horizontal Hold knob and get it in just the right place.

The TV also had a Vertical Hold knob. But I do not recall the Vertical Hold ever being amok. Vertically, the TV was fine. Horizontally, it was often a mess.

If you haven't caught the application, then Bless Your Heart. It's been on my mind every day, while experiencing one of the most difficult weeks of my life.

I meditated daily on my Vertical Relationship. I thought about just WHERE do I get my value? Just where does my security come from? And it is becoming abundantly clearer and clearer, that there is nothing in my life more important than my Vertical Relationship (finger points skyward). And when my vertical hold is in place, all the horizontal relationships seem to fall in line.

HOWEVER, when my Vertical Hold is off kilter, all my Horizontal relationships suffer. As soon as I start getting my value and security from a horizontal relationship, my mind moves into a VERY bad neighborhood.

It's much easier to spot it in you. I see you getting your value and security in education, jobs, spouses, kids, grand-kids, bank accounts, houses, recreation, yes even church....the list goes on ad infinitum. I can see it clearly in you. But I fail to see it in me. More often than not, someone close to me has to point it out.

Someone has to pull me aside and say, "Kevin, you're getting your sense of worth out of your horizontal relationships!" Brother, there are dark and dreary days ahead for you!"

So, even though the Vertical Hold was always okay on the TV, it doesn't appear to be that way with me. I need to grab the Vertical Hold button and get it back into place. The Vertical Hold button needs adjusting before I can even think about grabbing the Horizontal Hold and stop this thing from rolling!