Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Streak Is Over!

I still have NOT missed even ONE day. I have set aside a time to meditate every single day since purchasing the App. The cool thing is that the App counts my consecutive days meditating. The App calls it my "Current Run Streak." This morning, my current run streak said ZERO! Yesterday's effort had not been logged. As a matter of fact, next "in Line" was the same meditation I did yesterday! I am nothing short of MOROSE!

Oh, trust me! I am aware of the problem! And somehow, through the maze of the World Wide Inter Web, I think my little Buddhist Monk was reading my mind! He knew I was just trying to get to 90 days! He knew I was treating his App the same way I treat Nike Plus. He knew my motivations had gone askew. He knew I was being "mindful" only for the streak. He understood that the streak was cancelling out any benefit I was gaining from the practice. He knew that deep down I wanted to broadcast my "90 Consecutive Days" just like I informed the world that 10 Mile Run last Saturday.

Can I not do ANYTHING for the right reasons? Are my motivations and intentions always going to be this ego-centric and self-centered? Apparently so!

The funny thing is, I have no idea how my little Buddhist Monk knew to end my streak on the same day that I celebrate the most important streak in my life. How did that dude know that I got married on April Fool's Day?

Twenty-Six years ago today, the most significant streak in my life began when Hike pronounced a life sentence on my bride and me and that streak continues to this very day.

Miraculous is the only word to describe it. It is truly a miracle that I was not kicked to the curb several years ago just like the weekly trash. It was what I deserved. It was not what I got!

So, my frustration with my Meditation App will go away. I'm actually grateful to my little Buddhist Monk for helping me see the importance of the truly meaningful streaks.

The meaningful streaks are why I will continue to meditate and I will continue to use this seemingly unreliable App. The App is teaching me to be mindful. And today, the App taught me to be grateful.

And gratitude is not a bad place to be.